Slow mornings and pancakes


Finally after these past two weeks of craziness with finishing up the semester and tests I had time to slow down and enjoy my morning. Breakfast is easily my favorite meal of the day and I love making everything including egg scrambles, homemade biscuits and of course pancakes! Now with my pancakes I really like to make them with protein powder in them to bump up the nutritional value and also help keep my full longer.¬†When I cook I’m one of those people who just adds things in until it looks right, but luckily with these pancakes I’m about to share they’re pretty fool proof! Continue reading

Puppy and a Picnic

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Summer weather has finally coming to Louisville! This past weekend it was absolutely perfect outside so we took the pup out to the park. There are so many great parks around Louisville, we went to Cherokee but there’s also Iroquois and Seneca. Maybe next weekend we’ll try out one of those and I don’t think Cooper will ever turn down a walk! I don’t know if I’ve ever seen him run out of energy, he just keeps going and going so the more open space the better! Continue reading