Spring Style

Hey there guys! So I started thinking about a few of the pieces that I wanted to add to my wardrobe for this upcoming season. I’m a bargain shopper all the way so I always see if I can find just a few pieces that are really versatile. Here’s some of the things that may or may not be in my shopping cart…in the mail already!

Embroidered Denim 

Embroidered Denim

1) Cherry Blossom Jeans 2) Daisy Shorts 3) Floral Jeans 4) Denim Jacket

Whether it’s a pair of shorts, a jacket or a pair of jeans I love this retro/throwback kind of thing. Personally, I bought a pair of denim shorts with a little cherry on them that I think are adorable but I also love some of the jeans and may be on the look out for a bargain pair! 🙂

Floral Prints


1)White Floral 2)Blue Top  3) Floral Dress

I know this second one isn’t really loral but the stitching was so cute I had to include it! The great thing about a long sleeve floral shirt too is that you can carry it into summer with a pair of shorts when it gets a little cooler at night!

Bucket Bags

Bucket Bags.jpg

1) Ralph Lauren Bag (I have this one and I’m obsessed) 2) Black Bucket Bag 3)Brown Bucket

I got the Ralph Lauren Purse above for Christmas and ever since I’ve gotten so many compliments on it! It’s perfect and the color makes it usable year round, they also have some really fun colored ones though in pastel colors that if I had money to spare would most likely buy lol. Purses are expensive though so I think it’s important to find a style you really love and that fits your needs, I personally like bigger ones because I liked to pack snacks haha

Does anyone else load up their shopping cart online and then go look at it and think holy cow I can’t buy all this! Its like when I’m shopping and just grab everything and then as I stand it line I start slowly getting rid of my pile…whoops! I can’t be the only one who does that! Anyways! Hope everyone is enjoying the weather warming up and thanks for reading!

xoxo, the blonde

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