Memorial Day and Strawberry Fields


Hope everyone had a happy Memorial Day! My mom was in town for the weekend and it was amazing! I haven’t seen any family since Christmas so I was really happy she was able to make it for the long weekend. We hung out and shopped (of course!) the first two days and then on Monday we went to Huber’s Orchard and Winery.  Continue reading

Greece: Athens and the Acropolis (plus tips for your day trip)



When I studied abroad I went through a program called AIFS, the American Institute for Foreign Studies. I took a Greek Art and Architecture class. My class was at the American College of Greece. I had two different teachers and they were both well known in their fields of study…one of them was British and thoroughly enjoyed making fun of the Chinese tourists. They are everywhere and ALL of them have selfie sticks. Continue reading

Greece: Agia Paraskevi and Aegina


Many of you might not know but I was lucky enough one summer to study abroad in Athens, Greece. I’m a bit of a mythology and Greek/Roman history nerd and I’d always dreamed of visiting Greece, so I found a way to make it work. The pictures I have below are from my first week and a half or so of being in Greece, the neighborhood I was in and then the small island we traveled to on our first weekend.
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