Greece: Agia Paraskevi and Aegina


Many of you might not know but I was lucky enough one summer to study abroad in Athens, Greece. I’m a bit of a mythology and Greek/Roman history nerd and I’d always dreamed of visiting Greece, so I found a way to make it work. The pictures I have below are from my first week and a half or so of being in Greece, the neighborhood I was in and then the small island we traveled to on our first weekend.
I didn’t know anyone going in and I wouldn’t change it, there’s something about being in this amazing foreign country and not knowing a soul that’s incredibly exciting and freeing. These pictures from my travels is one of the main reasons that I started this blog in the first place and I have so many pictures it’s taken a lot of time to sort through them!

How cute is this coffee shop we found?!

One of the most amazing things about Greece was the food! There was a fresh market right outside our dorm every Monday.

The guys would give us money to go get their groceries because the vendors were way more generous to us girls! They would sneak in extra pieces of fruit after the weighed it and I remember getting whole fruits to sample just walking through!


THIS WAS HANDS DOWN MY FAVORITE ISLAND. Don’t go to Mykonos or Santorini unless you want crowds and inflated prices…Aegina was much more authentic and the people were so friendly.

The view from the top of the little bed and breakfast we stayed at!


How gorgeous is this water? That color!
Ferry boats!

One of the reasons that I loved this island more than Santorini is because of that little island off the coast! These cute little boats cost two euros to ferry you across to the island where there is a private beach! Its beautiful and I think there was one other small family there! Other than that we had the entire beach to ourselves! It’s called Moni Island, don’t miss it!

Nicole is probably eating the Pistachio cream out of the jar here!



Aegina is known for it’s pistachios so when you get off the ferry make sure to stop by at some of the vendors! They have everything from pistachio ice cream, pistachio honey and maybe the best thing we tried: pistachio cream…it is AMAZING. We bought a few jars of it and it was all gone by the next week. It’s that good.





This photo is completely untouched, no editing, no filters.

Please trust me and give Aegina a try! I promise you won’t regret it!

xoxo, the blonde

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