Five Secrets Everyone New to Running Should Know



Hey there guys! So I’m sharing with you five things everyone new to running should know! These things became life savers when I was training for a half marathon this spring. When I started out I was overwhelmed with all the tips I saw and didn’t know what things actually worked, so I’ve narrowed it down for you to the five most “epiphany worthy”!


1) Body Glide

Seriously who knew that they even invented stuff like this?? I love running in shorts, especially now that it’s gotten hot here in Kentucky, but I hate chaffing (no thigh gap here!). So about two months into my training I did some research and found this gem! It looks like a stick of deodorant. I just put it along the inside of my thighs before I run and hallelujah! NO chaffing. I’ve even used this when I’m wearing a dress or skirt and it works exactly the same (church chaffing I’m looking at you). Best 8 dollars I’ve spent in a long time.

2) Veterinary Liniment

I had never heard of this stuff and it smells kinda weird but it’s amazing; maybe it’s just a thing thats common knowledge for Kentuckians? I found out about it after my boyfriend bought it for me when he heard me complaining about my feet cramping at night. They put it on horses muscles before they race to keep them feeling good. Who knew?! But it works the same for me, I put it on before bed at night, let it dry and I don’t wake up with cramped feet anymore (I call them dinosaur feet). We purchased it from the horse pharmacy across the street from Churchill Downs (it’s a really cool old fashion Derby pharmacy and diner) but I’ve linked it here as well.

3) Compression Socks

I didn’t get shin splints too bad at the beginning but I did notice the front of my shins would be really sore and tight after runs, even with stretching and foam rolling. Enter compression socks. They just feel good, like a tight hug on your shins and calves while you’re running. I’m not sure if they were the cause of the decreased soreness or I was just getting more accustomed to running but these helped with that too. And the last reason to get these: you feel legit when you’re running and wearing them…I felt like a running ninja.

4) Ponya Headbands

Finding a headband that stays while you’re hair is up is a never ending task it seems…until now! I have medium thin, super slippery hair and an odd head shape that isn’t made for headbands and Ponya headbands stay in. Period. They have a layer of velvet on the underside that helps stick to the hair and they come in tons of cute fabrics and thicknesses. These are way better than lululemon ones and they don’t have to be touching your forehead like some running brands do. These stayed through many runs and cross training activities.

5) A Running Buddy!

Lastly and probably the biggest reason I enjoyed training for a half marathon so much was because I had someone to run with! Even if we couldn’t always meet for every run, our longs runs we made sure to get together at least once a week. I always looked forward to meeting up with her to run and catch up. A buddy can be a person or dog but having company really made a big difference for me. These pictures below are my running buddies pre-race and then post race! Needless to say…I’ll be racing again!



I hope this helps and you can learn from my little running epiphanies!

xoxo, the blonde


4 thoughts on “Five Secrets Everyone New to Running Should Know

  1. Life of a 20something May 18, 2017 / 2:35 pm

    Thank you for writing this! I’m currently trying to train for the military and these tips were great! 😊


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