Memorial Day and Strawberry Fields


Hope everyone had a happy Memorial Day! My mom was in town for the weekend and it was amazing! I haven’t seen any family since Christmas so I was really happy she was able to make it for the long weekend. We hung out and shopped (of course!) the first two days and then on Monday we went to Huber’s Orchard and Winery. 


It’s so much fun and incredibly beautiful! You ride in trailers driven by tractors out to the fields where there are rows and rows of strawberry bushes. You just fill up your little carton as much as you want and then hitch a ride back to the main Farmers Market area where you pay. You only pay for as much as you pick so it’s a really great option if you’re looking to not spend a lot of money. We got TONS of strawberries for $10!!!

After we picked strawberries we stopped by the Winery and let me tell you…don’t miss this! Downstairs is the shop but if you go upstairs there’s wine tasting where you get to try 8 different wines for $10. They give you little pieces of food to compliment the wine, so I recommend trying the Blackberry wine because they give you chocolate 🙂


We ended up leaving with waaaaay too many bottles of wine but gosh they were so good! The Rose and White wines are perfect for summer, really fresh and light. I also really love that it’s a local winery, it’s cool knowing the grapes we drove by will one day be these wines!

Our box of wine hehe

They have more picking seasons and I definitely plan on going back for the peaches…and maybe more wine hehe.

Seriously doesn’t it look like something out of a country song music video??

This place really is like a little slice of small town America and the perfect place to spend a day being thankful for all that we have. Thank you to all those who gave up everything so we could live the way we do!

xoxo, the blonde

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