Do’s and Don’ts for shopping at Nordstrom Rack


Hey guys! So I finally got some time to go shopping and I went to my go to store, Nordstrom’s Rack. I got this red dress there for $14 dollars! What a steal?! Anything red is always a good idea in Louisville. I love these kinds of places because I love the variety of things you find there but that also makes it overwhelming for a lot of people. Because of this I decided to brainstorm some of the do’s and don’ts that I follow when shopping at places like this, Tjmaxx and Burlington Coat Factory (this place has tons of amazing stuff! Who knew?!).



…only buy clothes for the upcoming season. For example I only bought clothes for summer, the main reason for this is you most likely don’t actually need that sweater that you’ll (maybe) wear next fall. There’s a good chance you’ve already packed away your winter clothes and could have something very similar. Also let’s be honest, you’ll want to shop again in the fall and get new clothes for the season so save yourself that money now (even if it’s only $10).

…check out the accessory section. Some of the cutest earring I have are from Burlington and they’re cheap so I don’t feel as bad if I lose one. Rings are also a really great thing to get at places like this if you’re into the stacking trend because they come in variety sets. Nordstrom’s Rack also has a lot of bags and purses for good deals.

…stick to your size. It can be really tempting to love that shirt and want to squeeze into it, but clothes that are your size are going to look better no matter how cute that shirt is (I wish it wasn’t true but sadly it is). This also narrows down the amount of clothes you’re going through which helps make seem it more manageable.

…have an idea about what styles and colors look good on you. For example, I love red, grey and white, so when I’m just glancing at the racks I can just look at those color pieces instead of everything. I typically avoid purple and anything that is cropped or has cutouts, it’s just not my style so I save some time by moving right past those pieces.


…get pulled into buying something in the containers by the register. It may seem like a tiny amount but with the items you’re already buying you don’t need to spend that extra money.

…throw away your receipt. I’m guilty of buying things that I’m not completely sure about and then I end up returning them all the time. Nordstrom’s Rack has the option to email your receipt, which I highly recommend for your convenience and to keep your purse a little cleaner!

…buy a pair of sunglasses unless it was the main reason you went shopping. You have a pair (or a few) that are just fine! Save the money and if you actually need a pair don’t buy a bunch of cheap ones, it’s better to save up and spend it on one pair you love.


And lastly don’t:

…avoid places like this because it seems like too much work! Some of my favorite clothes and best steals are from these stores! They have a lot of “clothing dupes” of more expensive clothes. If I pay a lot for a piece of clothing I usually wear it less because I don’t want to ruin it, which defeats the whole purpose of buying it in the first place! Also you most likely have a friend like me who loves digging through stores like this who would love to come with you. 🙂

Happy shopping!

xoxo, the blonde

One thought on “Do’s and Don’ts for shopping at Nordstrom Rack

  1. Sellbell June 6, 2017 / 4:47 pm

    Nordstrom Rack also has a great makeup section…… I’ve found Urban Decay and Smashbox eyeshadow palettes for half price, sometimes less. They typically carry a steady supply of Lorac, UD, Lipstick Queen, Laura Gellar, Smashbox, etc. If I’m looking for new makeup, I ALWAYS check Nordstrom Rack before heading to Sephora or Ulta. 🙂

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