Kentucky Oaks


I know it’s been a little while since Oaks and Derby actually happened but better late than never! For those of you who may not know, Oaks is the Friday before the Kentucky Derby and it’s the fillies who race. It’s a slightly cheaper option than Derby and definitely more for the girls! Instead of the Mint Julep (the drink of Derby) they sell Lilies, which are super fruity pink drinks created and sponsored by Lily Pulitzer. Last year I got dressed up and did the typical Oaks thing but this year unlike past years I got to go on the backside of the track instead of the main concourse area or infield! The backside is where all the stables are and to get back there you have to have some connections, thanks to my boyfriend’s family that meant me this year! (Cute and connections?! Jackpot!) While on Oaks and Derby it’s hard to get to the backside it’s definitely worth a look to see if sometime earlier in the week you can make it back there. It’s a very different experience than typical and seemed a lot more genuine to the roots of the race than all those hats and fluff on the other side. Don’t get me wrong that’s part of the tradition as well but it was nice to change it up!

They wer so close! You could see the mud flying EVERYWHERE and the jockeys were covered after the race!


The weather was super cold and rainy but walking through the stables helped a lot. When we were wandering around trying to find a row that we could pet we found one with a few other people already there. I was just watching them when this lady came over and asked if I wanted the rest of her carrots and peppermints to feed the horses! Umm yes?! So we fed the horses the rest of the treats and I found a favorite. Her name was Diva and when she ate the peppermints she smacked her lips and stuck her tongue out, she kinda looked like a dog with peanut butter on the roof of it’s mouth, which was pretty funny. Next year I’ll be bringing my own bags (emphasis on the plural haha).





Even though it was freezing it was definitely my favorite Oaks/Derby experience yet. Guess I need to keep this guy around until next year 😉

xoxo, the blonde

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