Feelin’ Peachy


I’ve never been peach picking in Georgia but I think Huber’s might give them a run for their money! My mom and I went on Memorial day to pick strawberries but I had to go back this past weekend for peaches and blackberries! The trees were full of peaches and some branches had even broken off they were so heavy with fruit. While we were picking some of them too soft to be good much longer so we ended up eating them right there. I may or may not have eaten too many… 🍑


I would definitely recommend if you’re in the Louisville/Southern Indiana area taking a trip to Huber’s. They have an email you can sign up for that lets you know what fruits/veggies are in season at the time and any other events. I will be going back for apple and veggie season. I really enjoy the picking part of it but if that’s not you’re thing they also have a market where you can buy all the produce. Also they have samples in here (who doesn’t love free samples?!) of fresh breads, muffins and cheeses! (“yes I like cheese, my favorite’s gouda”: what movie?!)  We’ll see if I can get the boyfriend to go again 😂 usually I can bribe him with ice cream!

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The weather was perfect and and with all the green trees around it was so peaceful. I love nature and fully believe that being outside is the best way to recharge. God could have made the earth a desert but instead he made it so beautiful! Clearly beauty is something that He blessed us with so we need to be thankful for it!


IMG_6107 copy

Job 37:14 “Listen to this, O Job; Stand still and consider the wondrous works of God.”

Take a second to look around this week and see that it’s all so good (you can’t be mad and thankful at the same time)!






xoxo, the blonde

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