Things to Include in your Dorm Room Shopping List

College Dorm

Hey everyone! So with it being July and everyone starting to shop for dorm room stuff I thought I would share some things I learned from my experience!

  1. A Bible! Get a real one, not the Adventure Bible one you had since you were a kid (with the pictures and hard cover…I know you know what I’m talking about). Even if you don’t think you’ll use it much there’s comfort in having it there!
  2. Buy a Full/Queen Comforter/Duvet Set. This is probably my number one tip that I tell people who ask for dorm room ideas. Buying this size not only ensures that it’s long enough for the Twin XL bed but also leaves some to hangover the edge (or curl up with if you’re anything like me)! Also it will save you some money down the road when you move out of the dorm you’re comforter set with be re-usable! (Spend a little more now, save later 👍🏼)
  3. Black out curtains. Trust me they are worth the investment. I got mine at Target but most places have them now a days. I can almost guarantee you’ll be taking some naps in the middle of the day and these make a big difference.
  4. Extensions cords. Start with two. You’ll use them, trust me!
  5. Noise maker/air machine. You’re roommates/neighbors aren’t on your sleep schedule, so if you get used to having white noise while you sleep you can block out a lot of that noise. Because of my air machine I slept through my roommate always waking up in the middle of the night to make mac and cheese! Who does that?! 💁🏼IMG_1266
  6. A cute welcome mat. This isn’t as important as the other tips but it does make it a little more fun. We had one that said “woof” 🐾 and it just made it seem a little more like home.
  7. A way to hang your pictures! The way I hung all my postcards below was super easy and cheap! The great thing about something like this verses actual frames is that as you get more pictures you can add them easily. I got the twine and clothes pins at the dollar store and I already had some nails and a hammer!
  8. The last thing you obviously need is a great roommate because you’ll undoubtedly make some of your best college memories here!


Just a little toilet paper! (haha we actually saved it and used it 😂)

Happy memory making and of course I can’t end this without saying Go Cards!

xoxo, the blonde

The righteous choose their friends carefully, but the way of the wicked leads them astray

Proverbs 12:26

^another free tip but from someone who knows a whole lot more than me 😊

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