Greece: Part 3 Santorini

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Hey-o! So it’s been a little while since I’ve written about my Greece trip and after seeing some of these pictures again how could I not write about Santorini?!

Besides Mykonos, Santorini is probably the next best known Greek Island. Famous for it’s white houses and blue roofs it truly is something to see before you die. The island itself is shaped like a crescent and across from it is a volcano. In the middle of the crescent is the capital, Fira and at the northern tip is Oia (which is where a lot of the fancy/tourist things are).

My group stayed in a little hotel outside Kamari. We only had the weekend here before we had to be back for classes so we wanted to be as close as we could to the airport. Our room had six beds, one bathroom and a small kitchen area. The first morning we were there we walked to the grocery store down the street and got breakfast and lunch supplies. We were also walking distance from the beach so as soon as we got back we changed and headed out! I will never forget falling asleep with my hand over my tummy and waking up with a sunburnt handprint…wear sunscreen people!

Serious summer camp flashbacks
Pool after the beach? Who needs a shower.



I guess the view was alright 😉

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Day two of Santorini we left our little side of the Island and travelled to Fira. In the morning we took a boat tour and then the second half of the day we hiked! The boat tour took us to the volcano across the water. We first went to the hot spring created by the volcano and then actually hiked up to the volcano. The hot spring had a strong sulfur smell and the mud was super soft. I guess you’re supposed to rub it on your skin for “healing and detoxing” 😂! So of course we tried it and all we ended up doing was staining our swimsuits a grayish brown, so definitely wear a suit you don’t mind ruining. When we returned we grabbed a quick lunch/snack and started our hike!

This is the one thing you can’t miss if you go to Santorini. Period. The hike is a little tough and uphill at some parts but the views undeniably make it worth it. Plan for it to take you around 3/4 hours to make the 5 mile hike. Another great thing about the hike is that it’s practically empty. We saw only one other set of hikers the entire time. You feel like you have the whole island to yourself. Essentially you’re hiking along the edge of the cliffs on the inside of the crescent from Fira to Oia. Because we went in the afternoon we came in Oia at the perfect time, just catching the sunset as it turned the white houses the prettiest pink color.


Just a tip: wear tennis shoes/hiking shoes! A lot of it is a dirt road with lots of rocks!

There is the volcano in the distance 🌋

When you arrive in Oia, be prepared to pay substantially more than anywhere else on the island since it’s the main tourist spot. The streets were very full but there were lots of great little shops to buy trinkets. I was glad to see Oia but also thankful that we were only going to spend a little time there.

We took a cab back to the airport for Oia and flew back to Athens that night. We were so sad to go, but it’s undoubtedly a weekend I will never forget.

xoxo, the blonde

He has made everything beautiful in it’s time.

Ecclesiastes 3:11

2 thoughts on “Greece: Part 3 Santorini

  1. NANA August 6, 2017 / 1:03 pm

    So beautiful!! You should work for their tourist bureau!!


    • blondeepiphany August 30, 2017 / 9:41 am

      Thanks Nana! It’s no talent of mine though that these pictures are so beautiful, it’s hard to take a bad picture there!


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