The Perfect Combo: Summer and Greek Food


After spending so much time in Greece I not only fell in love with the history and art but the food! Oh my gosh. It’s all very light and flavorful. I’m always looking for Mediterranean places to eat, and it finally occurred to me that I should make my own! I found this recipe on Aunt Bee’s Recipes blog and tweaked it just a little. After making it just once, I added it to my favorites and wanted to share it with everyone! It would be selfish to keep something this good to myself! Continue reading

Start Clearing Up Your Skin NOW


Anyone who has know me for some time knows that I don’t have great skin. It’s not terrible, but definitely not what I would consider good. As of recent though, my skin has finally started to clear up. It’s such a relief to think that people can see you, and not your zits!

In college, I tried everything to try and clear up my skin. I was so desperate for something that would actually work. Continue reading