Workout Essentials to Help You Stay Active this Holiday Season


Hope everyone is having a good week so far! So with the holidays ahead of us, (and all the amazing food that goes with it!) I thought now would be a good time to write a fitness post. The whole, “those who don’t prepare, prepare to fail” thing (raise your hand if you heard your coach say this 🙋🏼). So I’m here to help you prepare/share some of the fitness things I’ve been loving lately!

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1) HEADPHONES: For me, music can either make or break a workout, but how I listen to that music is just as important! Now, there are tons of headphones out there, and I thought that I would have to spend a good chunk of change to get a bluetooth pair. But alas, Amazon to the rescue! I spent a lot of time going through products, reading reviews, and comparing prices. I ended up with Merdumia Wireless Bluetooth Headphones. Between running and burpees, they stay comfortable and feel secure (also when I get really sweaty, the actual ear buds get sweaty too, so that ear hook is essential haha). They come with different size gel pieces so you can adjust them to your comfort, are easily paired and have a great battery life. I also think that these sound as good as my Beats headphones. They really are noise canceling (so you don’t have to hear that guy next to you grunting or in my case, my own feet stomping while I run 😂). Switching to Bluetooth headphones really made a difference in my workouts because I don’t have that, “I hope my phone doesn’t fall out” thought keeping me from focusing and going hard. Overall, a deal like these are hard to beat, and currently they’re $16! I promise you won’t regret giving these babies a try!


2)  MUSIC: Alright, now for what’s coming out of your new headphones 😉. The artist I’ve really loved listening to has been The Score. Seriously, if the song Legend doesn’t get you pumped then you’re a lost cause..haha just kidding but it really is great. Also, I love that these songs aren’t full of cuss words or derogatory phrases, don’t get me wrong sometimes I just need some good ol’ Eminem, but these are a nice change of pace. You can also never go wrong with Imagine Dragons, they have some great songs out right now…Radioactive will forever be one of my go to jams.


3) PREWORKOUT: For a long time I was hesitant to try pre-workouts because I hated that fast heartbeat, jittery feeling. Lately though, between my odd work hours (3pm-3am) and hypothyroidism, I’ve needed some extra help getting to the gym. My go to has been Spark by Advocare, I buy mine off of eBay since it’s the only product I really want from the line and therefore don’t want to become a subscriber. I also just got WM Nutrition’s Pre-workout, which a lot of the bloggers I follow have been using. At first glance it’s quite expensive, but a little tip for purchases like this is to look on social media for promo codes! A lot of bloggers and companies work together, I just go to their Instagram page and see if they have any promos themselves and if not I look at pictures that they are tagged in. A little extra research can save you some big money. Right now they have a 52% off discount with code “heartmacros52” which makes it $25 for 45 pre workout packets! They are also doing a pre-black Friday sale for other products (the hot chocolate is ah-mazing!☕️) using the code “clear65” for 65% off! Aka sign up for emails for extra discounts!


4) PROTEIN BARS: I have a serious weakness for protein bars. I don’t know what it is about them, but I could eat them any time of any day. Lately I have been loving Fitjoy’s. They are GMO free, gluten free, contain no artificial ingredients and have 20 grams of protein! I love that they don’t have any artificial ingredients, you really can taste the difference. Artificial sweeteners have that sickly sweet taste, but not these, because they use real natural sugars. My favorites are the Grandma’s Lemon Squares 🍋👵🏼 and of course the Homemade Pumpkin Pie. They have a $7 off promo going right now, and I would also recommend signing up for their emails. Your first order you get $10 off. There’s a reason these are all over social media…they’re delicious!

5) WORKOUTS: Lastly for today, workouts! Now that you’re fueled and your music is all set, it’s time to sweat! First and foremost: Aaptiv. For all my cardio workouts I absolutely love this app. It’s an audio fitness app with all kinds of workouts. They have beginner, intermediate and advanced level classes for the treadmill, stationary bike, stairclimber, elliptical, outdoor runs and strength/HIIT classes. Each class features a trainer, and throughout the workout they tell you what to do, (for example: 4 minutes at 8.0 mph starting in 3, 2, 1) and then they also coach you (think form reminders) and provide encouragement. I was afraid when I first started it that I would roll my eyes at the “encouragement,” but the trainers are actually not annoying haha. You get a free first week trial and then you pay monthly. In my opinion, it’s worth it to pay and not wonder what to do at the gym anymore. Some other workouts I love are Rebecca Louise’s on YouTube. Her ab workouts burn so good, and she has the cutest little British accent! Most of them aren’t more than 15 minutes, but I’m almost always sore the next day. My dad and I love to do these together when I go home for the holidays!

And that’s all that I have for now! Maybe later on I’ll write a post about some of the fitness gear I have been loving for these cooler temps. Let me know if you try any of these things or what your favorites are! Also, for anyone new to running (or thinking about doing a Turkey Trot 😉🍗) be sure to check out my previous post for some tips!

xoxo, the blonde859ae6fcf6d174f232cff680e3095632


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