Gift Guide: Christian Edition

Me and my babe at Churchill Downs for Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving week! Anyone else excited to decorate for Christmas now that it’s “socially” acceptable?! Christmas trees, movies and lights, oh my! Along with all the fun decorations comes gifting. There are tons of blogs out there with gift guides, and I love going through them for some general ideas on what to get (I can’t wait for my dad to open his gift this year! I know Christmas isn’t about winning but I totally would if it was 💁🏼). The one gift guide I haven’t stumbled across yet though, is a guide for your Christian/Religious friend. These are some things that I want or like and then some things that my boyfriend has mentioned wanting!

christian gift guide

1) Books! I’d really like Present over Perfect in my stocking, I’ve heard so many good things about it. I just finished Uninvited by Lysa TerKeurst, and of course now I want to give it to everyone I meet! If anyone is looking for some more books to give, I did a post a while ago on some of my favorites!

IMG_6852 present over perfect anxious for nothing

2) Apparel. There’s a lot of Christian brands that are starting to show up more, and I’m loving it!

A: I’ve had my eye on the, “Your Brokenness is Welcome Here” sweatshirt forever and keep waiting for it to be restocked. I love the reminder that even though you’re broken, you’re still so incredibly loved and wanted. I also recently just found Kylie Grace Co on Insta and would get some serious use out of that Joshua 1:9 baseball cap. (hint hint family members 😉)

brokeness sweatshirt baseball cap

B: For those of you in Louisville (and Southeast Christian attenders), I know Austin has mentioned wanting an Awaken Worship sweatshirt. If you don’t know what Awaken Worship is, it’s our Church worship team. They just recently released a new album called Christ Has Won and it’s so so good! Go find it on Spotify and I promise at least one of the songs will speak to you. Even Still is my go to.

C: Dorky t-shirts. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t get a little bit of a kick out of “My Lifeguard Walk on Water” or the “Ketchup with Jesus” shirts (obviously the Superman one is my favorite). In my opinion these are the perfect trio:

  • t-shirts = sign me up ✔︎
  • dorky = right up my ally ✔︎
  • Jesus = why not advertise someone that awesome? ✔︎

lifeguard supermancatch up

3) House Decorations. There’s definitely two categories here.

A) Wall Hangings: Pretty much anything in Altar’d State is a good choice. They have some beautiful wood signs with simple verses on it. I especially like this one linked here, and this one. I really think that these wouldn’t be hard to make with a little creativity and some paint. It would be a nice touch to personalize it and pick their favorite verse. Beside wooden signs, banners have also been a really hot item this year.

UO bannerIMG_7121Urban Outfitters has a bunch of simple ones that say “It’s OK” or “Good Vibes Only”. Embarrassing story, I saw them at Madewell and just absent mindedly said, “I feel like these wouldn’t be that hard to make”, and of course the small business owner who had made it was standing right there 🙈. Good job there mads! Back on topic though. I actually did make my own version of the banner this past week! I debated for a long time what to actually put on the canvas but ended up with “Above All Love” (the one on the left is mine). It was pretty easy to make, but it did take some patience when it came to painting and sketching out the letters. I had to make sure they were all the same size and centered, because well I’m just a bit of a perfectionist.

brokennesscanvascup runneth

B) Everything else haha. Signs are such a big thing, but I think pillows and coffee mugs are two more great gifting options. Seriously you can never have too many pillows or mugs in my opinion. I especially like the mugs that say, “I need a little bit of coffee and a whole lot of Jesus”.

mug  mug 2  pillow

3. Concert tickets. I would really love to see NeedtoBreathe and am always looking for when they might be in town. Christian concerts are great because you can just feel the power of, “when more than one gather in my name”. Also they tend to be slightly cheaper than regular concert tickets. When you’re looking for concerts be sure to check for smaller venues, they don’t always play in the same spots as the big time singers.


4. Jewelry. This is a more expensive gift, but it can easily become something that they get a lot of use out of. There is always the option of a simple cross necklace but lately I’ve been loving some other styles. The Giving Keys are really great alternative, and are super cute. What’s unique The Giving Keys company is that they are a pay it forward company, using their jewelry to help create employment opportunities for the homeless community. Secondly, customizable bar necklaces can be an alternative to a cross necklace. The brand, Made by Mary, that I’ve linked below can be imprinted with a verse. They also do coordinates, so if the person you’re gifting has been to Israel, or maybe even where they were baptized, you could put the coordinates of either of those places. Just think, you could put the coordinates of the well where Jesus met the woman or where David fought Goliath! So cool.

made by marykey.jpg

And that’s it! Hopefully you found an idea in there that you think would be perfect! I’ve linked all the pictures (except my banner and the concert), so all you have to do is click for easy shopping!

Gift receiving isn’t my Love Language but there’s something so fun about when they open that perfect gift that just warms your heart! Tiz the season!


xoxo, the blonde



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