Urban Outfitters Inspired Banner (No Sew)

It’s officially the same month as Christmas! Hopefully everyone didn’t get too overwhelmed with Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping! I know I was definitely glad I got paid this week 😁.

Anyways in my post last week I had talked about a great gift option being a banner, there may even be a person or two on my list getting one of these! So here I am to tell you how to make your own, no-sew version.(The one I made for myself is on the left and UO is on the right.)

I like this idea because it’s personalize-able (I know that’s not actually a word 😌) and really easy to make. These retail around $60 dollars at Urban Outfitters and mine cost about $10…and I had leftover fabric and paint to make more!

Directions below ↓ Happy crafting y’all! ✂︎

UO Inspired Banner (No Sew)



✻ Canvas fabric

✻ Black Craft paint

✻ No Sew Fabric Glue

✻ Paint Brushes

✻ Ruler

✻ Scissors

✻ Pencil

✻ Stick/Pole/Branch

✻ String/Twine

✻ Sowing pins (optional)


1) Begin by laying out your canvas fabric and and folding in half, the folded over part will be the top. (Because this is a no sew project I made it double layered so I could flip it inside out and have clean edges.) Next, measured out the shape of the banner. First, make a rectangle and then mark the middle with your pencil. Then used your ruler and measured up 4″ on both side edges and make another mark. Line up your ruler with the mark on the bottom and the mark on the right edge and draw a line. Repeat the same process on the left side so you end up with a point. Four inches up is just what looked right for my sized banner, but it can be adjusted for the size and style you’re looking for. Start SMALL and increase if you need to.


2) Now that you have the shape of your banner cut out its time to glue! Take the No Sew glue and place it in as straight a line as possible along the edges of the two pieces of fabric. Leave about a 2″ gap on either side of the fold at the top without glue. I placed my textbooks in plastic bags and set them along the edges to help the glue really work. Let dry for an hour or two.

3) Once your glue is good and dry, measure down an inch and half from the fold on either side, and make a mark. Create multiple marks along the top of the banner. You’re going to be cutting across the banner; be sure to measure carefully so when you connect the marks the line is straight. Now take your scissors and cut only the top piece of canvas fabric along the 1.5″ line. This will leave one canvas, the one on bottom, being about 3″ longer than the other (see image).

4) Now carefully turn the banner inside-out using the hole at the top that you just cut. If you need to, use your ruler inside the banner to help it turn out all the way along the point. You should end up with a nice clean seem all along the outside of the banner. Place the banner on the table with the longer piece of fabric/overhang ON TOP. Place a piece of parchment paper or aluminum foil inside the banner so the paint doesn’t bleed through.


5)  Deciding what to write on my banner took longer than actually making it! I used the ruler and sketched out all the letters, making sure they were centered and in the middle. I wouldn’t recommend doing this though; it took a lot of time and math to figure out the width of each letter, how far apart and how tall they needed to be. What I would do (and will do next time) is print out what I want written on there. It may take a few test runs to see how big you should make the letters but this will also give you the freedom to play with the font. (Because I don’t have a printer at home I measured the letters and was limited to block letters.) Once printed out and sized correctly, cut out the letters, arrange them in the middle of your canvas (the side with the extra fabric along top) and trace. Sowing pins are helpful here to help keep the letters in place.

6) Alright Picasso, it’s time to pick up that brush and paint! Make sure that you have put something in between the two layers before you start. Shake the paint before opening, and then honestly I just screwed off the lid, poured some paint into it, and used that to dip my brush into. Start by painting the middle of your letters, using a bigger brush and avoiding any edges or narrow parts. Remember: you can always make the letters thicker but you cannot make them thinner! Canvas fabric is very textured and acts kind of like a sponge so it will take a little more paint that you think.

7) Once all the centers of the letters are painted, take your small brush and carefully paint the edges along the lines you traced. This takes patients but it’s worth it in the end! Once all the letters are painted, take a step back and make sure you didn’t miss spots. If it looks good, leave it to dry.

8) Once dry, remove the aluminum foil or paper from the inside and flip the canvas over so the letters are face down. Now, take your No Sew glue again and glue the front piece of canvas to the back piece, (creating a loop) all along the top of the banner. Allow to dry.

9) Finally, take your pole/stick (I took a stick from my backyard…much to my dogs dismay), and thread it through the top. Now take your twine and cut an about 2.5 foot string. Tie a knot on one side of the banner, wrapping the twine around a few times before tying to make it stand out a little more. Repeat on the other side of the banner, adjusting how many times you wrap the twine around to change how much it hangs. And that’s it! Now all you need is some cute wrapping paper 😉! Or a blank wall to put it on, I won’t judge you if you end up keeping it!

A Few Tips:

Fabric: I chose a slightly off white color but it’s really preference. Also I found my fabric in the “leftovers” bin of Hobby Lobby and got a good amount for cheap.

Paint: Matte paint will look better than glossy. Also if you’re a righty start with the letters furthest to the left and work your way right so you don’t smear it! Lefty’s do the opposite!

Text: Make it yours! Put whatever you want on it! That’s what’s so awesome about this project, you can make it whatever you want. I would advise no more than 5 words, it does take some patience to paint all them!


And that’s it! It may seem like a lot but once you make one you’ll see how easy it is and want to make more. I’m already wishing I had more wall space! Maybe I’ll change up the shape a little bit too! Who knows! So many options!

Please let me know if you have any questions, suggestions or if you make your own!

xoxo, the blonde



One thought on “Urban Outfitters Inspired Banner (No Sew)

  1. NANA December 3, 2017 / 10:33 pm

    I love your blog, and read it faithfully, even tho’ I imagine most readers are closer to your generation than mine 🙂 I had an idea that you might like. Take your sweet smiles and vast knowledge and offer to spend one hour with your parent, grandparent, or just a friend who is electronically-challenged. So many things that seem so simple and easy to you, are a real hassle for those of us who did not experience computers at an early age. Even our smartphones, tablets and smart tvs confuse us. So…….you might add this to your gift suggestions; and best of all–it costs you nothing and will make your recipient oh-so-grateful. Merry Christmas!


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