My Christmas Wish List


1. Felt Board 2.Macrame Wall Hanging 1  / (another option here)  3.Sweater 4.Blanket  5.Hydroflask 6.Pixter 7.Instant Pot  8.Pillow Cases  9.Perfume  10.Pj’s

Christmas just seems to be getting closer and closer 🎄! It has definitely snuck up on me this year. I decided that today, I would share with you some of the things on my Christmas list! I know that we might not have the same tastes, but hopefully you can find some good ideas. Besides, nobody hates super soft pjs 💁🏼.

Also, if you’re struggling to tell your grandparents what to get you, this list can help you, help them!

felt board

1) Felt Board: I love this customizable board! I think it could be a lot of fun in a kitchen, bedroom, or just about anywhere in the house. You could place a fun quote or a verse on it and easily change it the next week. I also really like the vintage look.

2) Macrame Wall Hangings: These are very “in” right now, and there’s some cheap options on Amazon. Hobby Lobby also has some that would be a good deal, if you use the 40% off coupon (found online).

3) Madewell Sweater: There are so many sweaters out there! I saw this one on Instagram though, and fell in love. The large wooden buttons on the side are unique, and just my style.

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

4) Knit Blanket: These blankets are a little on the pricier side, but I think they’re a really good investment. Blankets never go out of style. Plus, you can never have too many cozy ones!

5) Water Bottle: I love the size of this water bottle and also the insulation! It’s like a Yeti cup but as a water bottle.

6) Pixter iPhone Accessories: Okay, these things are so cool! They clip on your iPhone over your camera, and give you a lens! It’s like an iPhone camera upgrade! This starter pack has three different types of lenses: wide angle, fish eye and macro!

7) Instant Pot: I may have already opened this one 🙈. My mom and sister gifted it to me and I literally did a happy dance when I got it! I looove my crockpot and now I have a super speedy crockpot! The one I got is 9 in 1, and does everything from boil eggs, to sauté, to make yogurt! How stinking cool?!

8) Bamboo Pillow Cases: These might be a weird thing to ask for but they are so soft! I love the Bamboo sheets that I have. They are on the bed whenever they aren’t in the wash haha. I like to wash my pillow cases more often than my sheets, so another set would be great to sub in for those times I procrastinate on doing my laundry. (Don’t judge you do it too!)

9) Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb: Lately, I have wanted to find a perfume that could be my go-to. I tried this one at Sephora and loved the light, sweet, floral scent. I also loved that later that night I could still smell it. My boyfriend also said I smelled good, so it definitely passed all the tests!

10) Nordstrom Lingerie PJ’s: Currently, I have these same PJs but in the long sleeve form, and I’m pretty sure I’ve worn them every night since they came in the mail. They are seriously soft. I even convinced my mom and sis to get them! I always thought I would sleep in old t-shirts but these babies win! Not only are they softer, but they make me feel like I (somewhat) have my life together 😂. These are typically more than I would spend on a pair of PJ’s though, so I’m hoping Santa will get the hint and make sure I’m set for warmer temps!

And that’s it! I hope that list of stuff gave you some good ideas…and if not, I’m happy my grandma’s read my blog!

Best of luck to everyone taking finals this week, and everyone else trying to finish the year out strong!

xoxo, the blonde

verse 2


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