Favorite Planners for 2018

Hope everyone’s 2018 is starting off strong! I know I may be a little late to the game (ok very late), but it took me a while to find a planner that I LOVED…and that didn’t break the bank (I’m looking’ at you Erin Condren 😂).

After two weeks of looking, I finally found the perfect one! The print is perfect, it’s girly, but not overwhelming. It makes me want to find wallpaper like it and do an accent wall in my bathroom. (Buttt I’m about to move, so I guess that will have to wait!)

Here it is! Ain’t she pretty?!

my planner 1

Also, it has the horizontal day-by-day spaces and full month calendar views, both of which were a must. (What can I say, I’m a little particular. 💁🏼)

my planner 2my planner 3

Paper Source has some of the cutest ones I’ve seen and for a good price. Right now, all their calendars and planners are 25% off! And if you sign up for their emails, you can get an extra 10% off coupon code. Here are two others that I almost got from Paper Source (just click on the picture for the link):

blue and gold
This one is like Cinderella in a planner!
Such a cute little planner! Don’t know if I’m trendy enough for this one though haha

Andddd if you didn’t like either of those, I created a collage of some of my other favorite planners, along with the links. These range in price from around $8-$50+, if you’re looking to customize the Erin Condren.


1) Marble Planner 2) You Got This 3) Pastel Ombre 4) Erin Condren Watercolor World      5) Grey and Gold 6) Desk Calendar

Along with personal calendars, I love the idea of a huge family desk calendar! We used to have one while I was growing up, and it was sooo helpful to see what everyone had scheduled for that week. I linked one above, but I found mine for $3 at Target in their dollar section. (Gosh, I love that section!)

I debated writing this post because I figured most people had already gotten their planners, but tons of people at work complimented me on mine, and asked where I got it.

Hopefully, this helped you if you’re still looking for a planner! And I hope that you have some great things in store for 2018 to fill it with!

xoxo, the blonde

(and of course you can’t talk about plans without this verse ☺️)


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