Breakfast Mix


So I’ll be honest with you guys I stole this idea from my sister. When I initially heard her talking about these pancakes I was skeptical to say the least. Cottage cheese…in pancakes?! Thanks, but no thanks! Then, when I went down to visit her, we made these, and needless to say, I think I’ve had them almost every morning since!

The great thing about Cottage Cheese is that it has Casein in it (which is a type of protein). Most people have heard of Whey protein, but not Casein. Whey is typically eaten/drank after a workout. It’s digested quickly by the body, which makes it ideal for muscle recovery, but not so ideal for helping you stay full. Casein, on the other hand, is a slower digested protein. Slower digestion means feeling full longer!

I usually make a batch of this mix at the beginning of the week, and it will last me the entire week. It’s really convenient to wake up, plug in the waffle iron, get the coffee brewing and have the mix already ready! The waffle/pancake and the coffee finishes at the same time, so it’s perfect 🥞☕️! I usually top mine with PB, a banana and just a little bit of real Maple syrup. I love having a set morning routine to help me get the day started right.



These are super easy as you can see and you can’t even taste the difference between these and regular ones! If anything these are a little lighter and fluffier. (Which is never a bad thing in my opinion!)

Towards the end of the week, they may need a little “pick me up,” aka if the batter starts to look too thin. If this happens just add a small amount of flour and some baking powder and it’ll be as good as new!

Wishing happy mornings to everyone! 🥞☀️

xoxo, the blonde

“Weeping may last through the night, but joy comes in the morning.”

Psalm 30:5


Pumpkin Gingersnap Granola


Mmmm gingersnaps! They are my absolute favorite cookie ☺️🍪. My aunt makes me some every year for my birthday (which is in July!), even though they’re typically made around the holidays! The kick of ginger and the sweetness of the molasses make them perfect for when the weather gets cooler. I used those cookies and my love of pumpkin and came up with this recipe! 🍂

Now, just like any avid snacker, I love granola, but sometimes it can be quite expensive and loaded with sugar and artificial flavors. So to kill two birds with one stone I decided to make my own. Its way easier than you think! This recipe in particular is ahh-mazing and makes your house smell like fall…no candles needed! (Look at that! Another two for one!) Continue reading

Healthy, Easy, Yummy (Hey!) Snack Ideas

Happy Thursday! And happy fall! It’s funny even though it’s October here it still feels like July! We’ve had a few cool days but it’s still so stinkin’ hot. I need it to cool down because sweatshirts will forever be my favorite clothes!

Anyways, onto the actual subject of this post…my favorite thing, FOOD! Today I’m talking snacks, and healthy ones too. Unfortunately, those sweet sugary snacks don’t leave you full or give you energy for very long. So, when I started working 12-hour shifts I had to do a little nutrition makeover. I needed quick, easy to eat, filling and yummy snacks. Below I’ve listed eight that made the cut! Continue reading

The Perfect Combo: Summer and Greek Food


After spending so much time in Greece I not only fell in love with the history and art but the food! Oh my gosh. It’s all very light and flavorful. I’m always looking for Mediterranean places to eat, and it finally occurred to me that I should make my own! I found this recipe on Aunt Bee’s Recipes blog and tweaked it just a little. After making it just once, I added it to my favorites and wanted to share it with everyone! It would be selfish to keep something this good to myself! Continue reading

Slow mornings and pancakes


Finally after these past two weeks of craziness with finishing up the semester and tests I had time to slow down and enjoy my morning. Breakfast is easily my favorite meal of the day and I love making everything including egg scrambles, homemade biscuits and of course pancakes! Now with my pancakes I really like to make them with protein powder in them to bump up the nutritional value and also help keep my full longer. When I cook I’m one of those people who just adds things in until it looks right, but luckily with these pancakes I’m about to share they’re pretty fool proof! Continue reading