Six Christian Books To Change Your Heart


I looooove to read but honestly it took me a long time to pick up a Christian book. I was perfectly happy with my Divergent, Hunger Games and Covenant series (I’ll probably do a regular book post at some point. This series is SO good. I’ve read it three times 🙈). So I was nervous about Christian books, I thought they would be hard to get into…but dang I was wrong! Below are my favorite Christian books. Four of them are stories and two of them are non-fiction. Regardless of what type they are, they all left me with something I didn’t even know I needed. Continue reading


The Perfect Combo: Summer and Greek Food


After spending so much time in Greece I not only fell in love with the history and art but the food! Oh my gosh. It’s all very light and flavorful. I’m always looking for Mediterranean places to eat, and it finally occurred to me that I should make my own! I found this recipe on Aunt Bee’s Recipes blog and tweaked it just a little. After making it just once, I added it to my favorites and wanted to share it with everyone! It would be selfish to keep something this good to myself! Continue reading

Feelin’ Peachy


I’ve never been peach picking in Georgia but I think Huber’s might give them a run for their money! My mom and I went on Memorial day to pick strawberries but I had to go back this past weekend for peaches and blackberries! The trees were full of peaches and some branches had even broken off they were so heavy with fruit. While we were picking some of them too soft to be good much longer so we ended up eating them right there. I may or may not have eaten too many… 🍑 Continue reading

Five Ways to Cure Stress


I don’t know about you guys but as of lately I have been so stressed. I’ve been constantly worrying about whether or not I’ll get into grad school and if I’ve turned in all the applications to apply. Does anyone else worry so much that they actually feel sick?! 🙋🏼 this girl does! So this week I knew I had to make some changes to how I was dealing with being stressed and I’ve decided to share! If I can make one person feel a little better than I’ve done my job! Continue reading