Breakfast Mix


So I’ll be honest with you guys I stole this idea from my sister. When I initially heard her talking about these pancakes I was skeptical to say the least. Cottage cheese…in pancakes?! Thanks, but no thanks! Then, when I went down to visit her, we made these, and needless to say, I think I’ve had them almost every morning since!

The great thing about Cottage Cheese is that it has Casein in it (which is a type of protein). Most people have heard of Whey protein, but not Casein. Whey is typically eaten/drank after a workout. It’s digested quickly by the body, which makes it ideal for muscle recovery, but not so ideal for helping you stay full. Casein, on the other hand, is a slower digested protein. Slower digestion means feeling full longer!

I usually make a batch of this mix at the beginning of the week, and it will last me the entire week. It’s really convenient to wake up, plug in the waffle iron, get the coffee brewing and have the mix already ready! The waffle/pancake and the coffee finishes at the same time, so it’s perfect 🥞☕️! I usually top mine with PB, a banana and just a little bit of real Maple syrup. I love having a set morning routine to help me get the day started right.



These are super easy as you can see and you can’t even taste the difference between these and regular ones! If anything these are a little lighter and fluffier. (Which is never a bad thing in my opinion!)

Towards the end of the week, they may need a little “pick me up,” aka if the batter starts to look too thin. If this happens just add a small amount of flour and some baking powder and it’ll be as good as new!

Wishing happy mornings to everyone! 🥞☀️

xoxo, the blonde

“Weeping may last through the night, but joy comes in the morning.”

Psalm 30:5


Six Christian Books To Change Your Heart


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Makeup Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make



Hey-o, hope everyone is doing well! So one of the main reasons I started this blog was to share with you helpful things that I find. So here is my latest epiphany! It’s actually a video I discovered and I thought that I would really be the only one to be able to tell a difference in my makeup, but I was wrong! My sister after she saw some pictures from my trip to Colorado texted me and said, “Tell me your secrets, you look like a model”! I may have actually laughed out loud at that statement but I sent her the link to the video with all the secrets. Now makeup isn’t exactly something I’m really good at so I’m giving this lady credit for that comment! Continue reading