Gift Guide: Christian Edition

Me and my babe at Churchill Downs for Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving week! Anyone else excited to decorate for Christmas now that it’s “socially” acceptable?! Christmas trees, movies and lights, oh my! Along with all the fun decorations comes gifting. There are tons of blogs out there with gift guides, and I love going through them for some general ideas on what to get (I can’t wait for my dad to open his gift this year! I know Christmas isn’t about winning but I totally would if it was 💁🏼). The one gift guide I haven’t stumbled across yet though, is a guide for your Christian/Religious friend. These are some things that I want or like and then some things that my boyfriend has mentioned wanting! Continue reading

Castle on the Hill: Germany Day 1 and 2


Guten Morgen! Or good morning for those of you that don’t speak German! I just got back from Germany the other day, and I had to share my trip! Honestly, Germany had never been high on my list of places that I wanted to visit. After spending a week there though, it has definitely become one of the places I recommend visiting before you die. Between the castles and charm of the Rhine, to the history and culture in Berlin, there’s something for everyone. (Also, I highly recommend going in October, the leaves changing colors just made it seem like something out of a book. 🍂) Continue reading